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Dental crowns are effective dental restorations to restore damaged or decayed teeth. They are caps placed over a tooth to improve its strength, function, and appearance. Traditionally, getting a crown meant multiple visits to the dentist’s office and several weeks of waiting. However, with technological advances, same-day dental crowns have become an increasingly popular option for restoring teeth. Let’s discuss the key differences between same-day dental crowns and traditional crowns.


What are Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Same-day dental crowns, or CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), are custom-made ceramic restorations created and placed in a single appointment. We complete the entire process using computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Our team can make the crown on-site without sending impressions to a laboratory.


What are Traditional Crowns?

Traditional crowns, on the other hand, involve multiple appointments and usually take a few weeks to complete. During the first visit, we prepare the tooth by removing any decay or damage and take impressions of the tooth to send to a laboratory. We then place a temporary crown while lab technicians make the permanent crown. The second appointment involves placing the permanent crown on the prepared tooth.


The Process

As mentioned earlier, we create same-day dental crowns using CAD/CAM technology, which allows us to create a precise 3D image of the patient’s teeth. This means there is no need for messy impressions, making the process more comfortable for patients. Once we capture the images, we send them to a computer program where we can design the crown according to the patient’s specific needs. The computer then sends this design to a milling machine, which creates the crown using a block of ceramic material. This process takes about 1-2 hours, and the crown is ready to be placed on the tooth.


On the other hand, traditional crowns involve taking impressions, which can be uncomfortable for some patients. We send these impressions to a laboratory where technicians manually create the final restoration using materials such as metal or porcelain. This process typically takes 2-3 weeks, during which patients have to wear a temporary crown that may not fit as well as the final crown.


Accuracy and Fit

One of the main advantages of same-day dental crowns is their accuracy and fit. With CAD/CAM technology, dentists can create a precise 3D image of the tooth, ensuring the crown fits perfectly. This also eliminates any room for error during the fabrication process, resulting in a higher success rate for same-day crowns than traditional crowns. Additionally, since same-day crowns are created on-site, adjustments can be made if needed to ensure a perfect fit. Traditional crowns, on the other hand, may require multiple fittings and adjustments before achieving the desired fit.


Convenience and Time

Same-day dental crowns offer the convenience of completing the entire process in one appointment, saving patients time and multiple dentist visits. This is especially beneficial for busy individuals who may struggle to take time off work or have a busy schedule. On the other hand, traditional crowns require at least two appointments and can take several weeks to complete, which can be inconvenient for some people.



While same-day dental crown costs may vary depending on individual cases, they are generally more expensive than traditional crowns. This is because same-day crowns involve advanced technology and materials, making them more expensive. Traditional crowns may become more costly in the long run due to multiple appointments and potential issues with fit or durability.



Both same-day and traditional dental crowns are made from durable materials that withstand daily wear and tear. However, since we create same-day crowns using CAD/CAM technology, they may be more robust and have a longer lifespan than traditional crowns. Additionally, we can make any adjustments needed for same-day crowns on-site, ensuring the restoration is solid and long-lasting.



When it comes to aesthetics, both same-day dental crowns and traditional crowns can provide natural-looking results. However, since we create same-day crowns using a 3D image of the patient’s tooth, they may blend in more seamlessly with the surrounding teeth than traditional crowns. Traditional crowns require manual fabrication, which may result in slight variations in color or shape.


Quality Traditional and Same-Day Dental Crowns in Ardmore, OK

In conclusion, same-day dental and traditional crowns effectively restore damaged or decayed teeth. However, same-day crowns offer convenience, accuracy, and aesthetics. While they may be more expensive upfront, they can save time and potentially prevent future issues with fit or durability.


We invite you to consult with Dr. Les Ledbetter to decide between same-day dental and traditional crowns based on your needs and preferences. Whether you need a crown for functional or aesthetic reasons, discuss all available options with Ledbetter Family Dental Care to determine which one is right for you!

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