If you’ve been considering a way to transform your smile, dental veneers may be one of the very first things you will want to talk to us, here at Ledbetter Family Dental Care in OK, about! And, here’s why!

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Veneers Cover What’s Visible

Unlike a full-coverage dental crown, veneers only cover the front side of your tooth (not the entire thing.). This allows you to leave your healthy tooth intact, while still changing the way it looks when you talk or smile. 


Depending on how wide your full smile is, we may recommend placing veneers across both top and bottom teeth, and as wide as what others see. Most people wind up having at least six veneers across the top teeth but sometimes eight or more (especially if you smile like Julia Roberts).


Veneers Can Hide a Multitude of Sins

There’s no stain too dark or tooth too uneven when it comes to recreating what you want your smile to look like. Veneers are perfect for masking aesthetic irregularities such as teeth that are:


With Veneers The Results Are Dramatic

In just two or three appointments, you can have an entirely new smile. From the consultation to the preparation, and then the final delivery – once you look in the mirror, you won’t believe what you see.


Design Veneers Yourself

What do you want your new smile to look like? Are you looking for teeth that look whiter, longer, or straighter? Do you have a preference for a specific shape or color? We can help you pinpoint the exact characteristics that you’re striving for.


Are you ready to invest in improved self-confidence and the freedom to smile without embarrassment? Call today 580-223-4477 or schedule your veneers appointment with our experienced staff today!